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Application Template

Post by Toastmastern » Sun Nov 26, 2017 10:30 pm

Personal Information

Tell us about yourself:

Character Information
WoW Character Name:
WoW Server:
Battle Tag:
Discord Tag:

Link to your
Link to your most relevant Warcraft Logs:

What is your main spec and what other specs do you play at a proficient level?

How long have you been playing the class and specialization that you are applying as? (What did you play before?)

What ways and sources do you use to improve yourself?

Please upload a screenshot of your UI in a raid environment:

General Information
We raid Wednesday and Thursday from 20.00-23.30. Are you able to attend those two days on a reliable basis?

Most relevant raiding experience:

Previous guild and reason for leaving:

How would you say that you respond to feedback?

Why do you think Equity is the guild for you?

Are you able to use Discord AND verbally communicate the use of important cooldowns or raid events?

Add a link to a result of a speed test from

Provide specifications of the computer you play from: